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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 16 - Someone who inspires you

My Aunt Jackie

She's really just been an amazing inspiration lately. She's just has the most positive outlook on life. She's determined to make the best of any situation & always encourages me to not give up on things I love. She's sweet to everyone she knows/meets & always makes you feel loved & special. She has this way of telling stories that makes it so that you can't help but laugh! I love the hilarious things she tells me about my mom. Everything about her just shows how enthusiastic she is about life & how much optimism she has no matter the challenge.

This Aunt Jackie, me, and my mom in our Easter bonnets.


  1. Oh I love Aunt Jackie... AND YOUR EASTER BONNETS!!!! What beauties you three are.

  2. Jackie & Savanna have on Easter Bonnets and I have on a hat (hee) no really... Jackie is and has always been the best sister, so lucky to have her - she has given me the great foundation that helps me beieve in the power of sisterhood. She is an inspiration!