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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Story - Comfort Food: Part 1

Danny sent me a text at 8pm on Thursday.

Sleep Over - my house

I had been lying on my bed, doodling in my notepad, grateful that my window faced west because I loved when my room became orange from the setting sun. It only lasted a few minutes, but I always felt especially creative afterwards.

I was about to ask permission to go over when another message came through.

Can you bring oreos?

This was more serious than I thought. Oreos were her go to food when she wasn't herself. She had dieted on nothing but them when preparing for our finals, or after losing the Regional Waterpolo Title. I knew there hadn't been a game and it was summertime, so no school or tests.

Before asking my mother, I called Megan.

"Hey Meg, did you hear about the sleepover."

"Ya, but I have to babysit tomorrow afternoon, and I don't want to be tired, so I might pass this time."

"She asked me to bring oreos..." I almost whispered.

"Seriously? Whats wrong?" Megan gasped.

"I was hoping you might know"

"Let me ask my parents & call you back."

We hung up and I sauntered into the kitchen. My mom was playing solitaire at the living room computer, next to the kitchen. Pandora was letting Michael Buble soothe a stressful day away.

"Hey mom, can I spend the night at Danny's tonight?" She turned around to look at me with tired, frustrated eyes. "

"It's the first week of summer, can't you spend just a little time at home first?" Doing what? Mom was here in the kitchen playing games, Marty was in her room practicing her guitar & writing song lyrics, Aaron was playing his PS3 on the TV, this was spending time together?

"I'll be home all summer," I smiled, now was not the time for sarcastic remarks, "and Danny kind of needs us tonight." She turned back to the screen & waved her hand, giving me permission.

Grabbing my makeup bag & throwing in my toothbrush, retainer, and contact case I headed out to my car. Quickly texting Danny & Meg that I was on my way over, but would be making a quick stop at the grocery store.

I stopped at the old familiar Save Mart. Red Aprons & name tags lined up at the registers. Smells like bread & stale milk. It doesn't take long to grab some packages of Oreos & some whipped cream before I am in line ready to check out. I'm admiring Carrie Underwood's new hair-do on a magazine when I notice Gavin. He smiles & continues bagging groceries for the woman ahead of me. After paying for my treats, Gavin grabs the bag & starts walking me outside.

"Are you following me?" I smile.

"No, I'm just picking up some of the carts in the parking lot."

"Always working?" I almost always saw Gavin there & he usually made sure to bag my items as we had casual small talk. This was the first time we ever talked outside of school.

"Saving up," he started collecting carts as we headed over to the car. "Where you headed?"

"Girls night out," I gestured to my baggy pajama pants & fluffy slippers. Gavin looked me up and down and laughed low. He smiled & nodded, heading off to grab the other carts scattered across the lot.

[to be continued...]


  1. I was completely immersed reading this. I love Gavin already - seriously darling name and I love that he is so non-sneaky... The Oreos are oh so real of a default.