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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 18 - Your biggest insecurity

Everybody has insecurities, but I try not to think about them, or linger on them, because that doesn't help any of us see that we are children of God. To be insecure is to lack of confidence or assurance, or to have self-doubt. So why would I want to give you an example of one of my biggest insecurities? I guess to show that I'm just like everybody else, that I can feel inadequate, and that I do not always remember that I am daughter of the divine. But, also to remind you that accepting/realizing your insecurities gets you one step closer to overcoming them. So here it goes:

My Weight

I am a fairly confident woman, with a healthy outlook on my body. But weight has been bothersome. I do believe I am working towards a more healthy lifestyle which makes me feel better about myself every day.

Don't linger on your insecurities, remember how wonderful you are! And if you don't remember, ask those who love you, and I know they'll remind you what an amazingly beautiful person you are!

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  1. You've definitely got the amazingly beautiful part right!!! You are stunning - it was the first thing I thought when I met you and has only become more apparent every day since! You ever need a little confidence boost just head my direction cause whatever "it" is... You've got it!