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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Someone Like You

I am in love with the soulful singer Adele. She's been around a while & I've liked her stuff, but this song really just makes you feel so much. I almost felt like crying after I heard it. She introduces it at the beginning, so go to minute 1:05 for just the music.


  1. I LOOOVED this... and I thought that the intro was almost the best part (if she wasn't such an amazing singer) because you get to know her and the inspiration for the song! Oh beautiful. I will listen to whatever music you decide is good because I love your taste!!

  2. Beautiful. I love when you can feel what they are singing, rather than just hear it.

  3. great emotion, love how it is just her and a paino, one take, simple and yet so much fullness it doesn't lack for more.impressive, thanks for sharing, she is really good