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Monday, March 7, 2011


So after I posted about wanting to travel Europe, my cute sister-in-law Brit sent me an IM stating that she wanted to join me on my trip. So I began envisioning our wonderful trip:

me: I can just imagine us, drinking coffee (yes I would drink European coffee at least once) at a cute cafe just down the street from the Eiffel Tower. Both of us in cute flats & A-line skirts, reading novels & just breathing in the sweet air, filled with cakes & bread. O i am wanting to go right now!

Brit: oh my gosh you need to write a book about your European dreams!!! That sounds amazing!!!!!! Seriously divine!!! Makes me want to go pack my bags this very second

me: I know! I just feel like we'd have so much fun in Europe, being cute american girls with little scarfs around our necks, just eating eclaires & learning Italian, French, or Spanish. Maybe even a little Greek!

Brit: oh my gosh that would be so SO fun!! And I love the idea of a-line skirts - it's just perfect, with scarves. Oh dear! We would have to take so many pictures

me: I know! We'd have all kinds of photos of us next to cute little french women with their wares they sell at markets & of the painters on the streets! I can just imagine it!

So here I am, daydreaming about the smells & sounds of other countries while I'm stuck here at work answering phones with a stuffy nose, saying "Thank you for calling Heritage Makers, this is Savanna. How may I help you?"

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