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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 28 - Something you're afraid of


I don't know what it is, my stomach just lurches to my toes when I lean over a bridge, when I see someone base jump, bungee jump, or sky dive. But, luckily its not paralyzing. I can usually get on the roller coaster, or get to the top floor of the building just fine.

But this picture just scares me! These were men working on sky scrapers in New York. I don't care what I was being paid, I couldn't do this.


  1. ok how come I did not know about this... wow I expect to know you better over the next lifetime that we share... hmmm did not know - how do you handle the rides then??

  2. Its really not that bad. As long as I remind myself it's safe I am fine. One of my biggest fear is dropping something when I am leaning over tall buildings. Rollercoasters usually start ground level & then go up, so once I am going I am not scared at all.