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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Instant Message

This is my IM conversation with my husband after my last post:

me: I posted on my blog
Jon: I know, I already saw it, like forever ago
me: you did?
Jon: thats what I said, don't wear it out
me: what did you think?
Jon: stupid
me: why?
Jon: that you feel overwhelmed by other peoples art, especially since they are inferior and don't have as much talent in their whole body as you do in one thread of your brush
me: really? I dont think so handsome, but I love you
Jon: you could do any of that stuff if you wanted
me: Thank you handsome, I just feel like I don't have any techniques. I only took the one art class in High School & he just let me do whatever I wanted.
Jon: Its because why train a hawk to fly when it was meant to soar
me: I don't quite understand that but does it mean I'm supposed to attack?
Jon: no, it means that you don't have to teach a hawk how to fly, it was born with it. You would never have to teach it how to just fly when its intuition or natural born skill was to do so much more

I have the cutest husband who believes in me the way I wish I did. I love you Jon.


  1. LoL - Right on Jon. He knows how to speak the truth... and he is so right.

  2. Bonus Points for Jon!!... and only because he is so right on Savvy... be the Hawk! (I like that, good one Jon)