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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Story - Comfort Food: Part 3

By this time the Oreos were completely devoured, we had finished going through 4 months of style magazines, putting in new resolution to be trendy for our Senior year, and had begun watching our go to video for hot guys. It was all action, only one cute girl to compete with, and 5 hunky men. We each had our favorites, for different reasons. Megan had only recently admitted that the 60 pack brunette with long hair was her movie crush, Daniella had always loved the rebel blonde who had a witty comeback for everything. My favorite was the reserved, mysterious lead with dark hair & eyes. We were giggling over the school pool scene, which we believe had only been added to give an opportunity to show off their muscular physic, when Danny suddenly let out a groan & flopped her back on the bed.

Megan & I gave each other curious looks & paused the film.

"You ok?" Megan asked getting into a kneel off the floor.

"We can watch something else," I offered.

"Its not that," Danny said closing her eyes. "I broke up with Chase." Megan's mouth became a perfect o in shock. She looked at me, unsure what to say. I waited to see if she would go on.

"What happened?" I said after a moment, still not sure if she just needed to vent, or wanted to cry.

"Nothing," Danny said, finally opening her eyes, one tiny tear rolling out of the corner. "Nothing big or anything. I just, I just realized that I don't know what I feel about us anymore."

"What do you mean?" Meg said stroking Danny's hair that fell over the edge of the bed.

"When I first met Chase, he was amazing to me. He was hot, and sent goosebumps across my skin just by thinking his name. The first time he kissed me was... and it was like ... and I felt perfect. I don't think I really feel anything when we kiss anymore, its just a reaction now. Not to mention I'm constantly frustrated with him! Every thoughtless slip up drives me crazy & makes me more irritated than before. Then he would come over, smile and hold me, and it feels really nice to be in his warm arms. Nice enough that I want to forget the argument ever happened." Danny sighed rolled over onto her belly. "But I don't."

"Its ok to break up," I said, "it happens, and its normal."

"I know that!" Danny yelled and began pacing the tiny room, "I feel completely justified in my decision! It only makes sense to break up with him! I mean, I'm being fair here! Its just ... why do I still feel so bad? ... Why does it feel like I still have feelings for him?" She was wiping away the angry tears. After a few moments of staring at us, she sat back on the edge of the bed with another exasperated huff. Almost simultaneously Meg & I got up to wrap our arms around her.

"It's ok to still love him, and not be in love with him." Megan said, Danny squeezed us tighter. We put back on the movie & continued with our night as though nothing had interrupted it.

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  1. UUUUUGGGGHHH!!!! That POOOOOR girl!!!!! I will always believe that it is harder to do the breaking up than to be broken up with because there is the ability to go back when you took the action. Oh girl! Eat more Oreos!! Lots more Oreos!!