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Friday, April 1, 2011

Sound Advice

Recently after seeing my sister-in-law Brit, she commented on my cute attire. Now coming from a girl I find very trendy, I was very complimented. She said that on the show What Not To Wear they give you 4 tips for creating a well balanced outfit:

1. Solid

2. Pattern

3. Texture

4. Shine

So, I have been making a serious effort each & every day to have one of these in my wardrobe. Here is my outfit for today. Let me know how I did.


  1. DARLING DARLING DARLING!!!!! You SO hit the nail on the head!!! Don't you love those guidelines?! I feel like they make my life so much easier and my clothes so much cuter!!! You're pretty much as cute as you could be already though so I don't know how that plays in...

  2. And I seriously love that cardigan. Where did you get it??