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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Surprise Date Night

On Sunday evening, while my hair was pulled up in a claw clip and I brushed my teeth, Jon let me know that he liked it when I put my hair up and let some strands fall in my face. He then off-handedly said that he also like it when I wore my blue button up dress shirt he had gotten me at JC Penny's a while back. I think he must know that I love it when he tells me when I'm pretty because thats exactly what I wore & how I wore my hair the very next day. Little did I know it was a ploy!

Monday he sent me an IM asking what my favorite songs from Les Miserables were. I sent him just a few, he proceeds to tell me he thinks the music is really cool & he's going to buy them from iTunes. Then he invites me to go out to dinner. So when I got home we went to Costco for a hot dog & slice of cheese pizza and soda. You really can't get a better deal, it was only $3. He then told me how he saw this really amazing house just down the road & wanted to show me. A few blocks away, and after listening to a few Les Mis songs we run into Orem High School which has a giant poster:

I was so excited! I could hardly contain myself! The auditorium was enormous & the high school students were just amazing! They had such stage presence & amazing voices. Jean Valjean was really so good!

I have the most thoughtful husband. I don't know how long he was planning this, but it made an impression on me. He listens to what I love and tries to include that in our dates. He loves to surprise me with these thoughtful gestures. I think its time I took a note from Jon & plan something for him.


  1. This is seriously the most thoughtful date ever! Les Miserables will always be one of my very favorites... probably because it brings everyone back to the same square one and shares life's simple blessings of love, honesty, forgiveness, and loyalty. What a winner of a husband you have!!

    (not to mention that almost nothing can go wrong when started with pizza)

  2. Wonderful surprise date Savanna, you married a smart man, who knows you and what makes you happy, I love that he wants to please you... take a bow, Bravo to you both!