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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Story - Comfort Food: Part 2

It didn't take to long before I was parked across from Danny's blue house. Danny's brother was just leaving so I let myself into the open house, straight to Danny's room. I opened the door to find her smiling, sitting on the floor, painting her nails. Not the scene I was expecting. There was no sign of stress, no pacing the room, no grunts of frustration, no angry scowl.

"Whats up?" I hesitantly said, surprised at her coolness.

"What do you think? Its called Haute Chocolate," she wiggled her dark red toes, "I like it." Pulling out her bin of multicolored polish she said, "What about my fingers?" I didn't understand. Wasn't the reason I was here because it was serious? If this was about picking out nail polish I'm going to be pissed.

"Ta-da?" I held up the plastic bag of treats. Just then Megan came into the room. She was the picture of health in her green pajama pants & tank top. She had a freshly washed faced with her hair in a low ponytail. She looked me after seeing Danny cool & collected, her face completely confused. "I brought Oreos," I said.

"Ya, whats up?" Megan said.

"Just wanted to have a Girls Night, thats all." Danny said selecting a sea foam green for her fingers. I took a quick scan around her room, it seemed meticulous. Danny was normally tidy, but this seemed especially... pristine. I looked back at Meg & shrugged my shoulders, going to her desk to set up the Oreos & whipped cream. I left to grab milk from the kitchen. While passing back near the front door I realized it was still propped open from when we had come in.

There was a familiar red truck parked across the street, with the engine softly running. I set the gallon down & walked over.

"Hey Chase," I smiled at Danny's boyfriend. We've known eachother since freshman year when Danny & Chase began dating. "We're actually having a sleep over, so you'll have to make out another night. Sorry."

"What are you talking about?" Chase said suddenly angry. "She broke up with me!" I suddenly realized his eyes were puffy & red. Suddenly the Oreos made a lot more sense.

"Chase, I'm sorry. I really didn't know. Meg & I just got here. Danny didn't..."

"I know she didn't tell you. Its because she's... She just told me to come over, when I got here she had a box of things," he pointed to the box of prom corsages & jewelry, baseball cap & a t-shirt or two, "No explanation. Just gave it to me and walked back inside." He was madder than I had ever seen him. I didn't know what to say, I just stood there feeling stupid that I had even come outside. I should have just closed the door & let Danny tell me this. Instead I was hearing it from Chase. He looked at the house a second longer & then back at me, revved the engine & was off down the street.

In a dejavu like haze I walked back to the house, grabbed the milk & glasses from the floor, and went into the bedroom. Meg looked up from her hot pink toes to notice my stunned expression.

"Whats wrong with you?" I ignored her & looked closely at the bedroom, noticing that all of the pictures of Danny & Chase had been removed from the dart board & replaced with more photos of the three of us & some from water polo. I just sat down & picked out the same Haute Chocolate Danny had used for my toes. I knew Danny would let me know what she was feeling eventually, and as much as I wanted, I needed to let it come out on her terms.

"Oreos?" I smiled.

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  1. This is SO YOU!!!! You are SOOO good at being there when people need you and then just letting things happen how they should. I am so blessed to have you in my life Nasanna. Thank you.