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Thursday, April 28, 2011

East of the Sun

One of my favorite storybooks from my childhood was an old fable called East o' the sun, West o' the Moon. Its basically the Norwegian version of the Beauty and the Beast. Besides the somewhat dark & scary story that always thrilled me, it was the beautiful illustrations that captured my attention.

I can't say which is my favorite, but it might be a tie between the reunion of the lassie & her prince, and the lassie with the candle. For two very separate reasons, one because you can just see how happy they are to be together, and the other because I am in awe of his use of light & dark. His illustrations are just gorgeous and make me want to dye my hair red.

Sadly this book is no longer in print, but I know I have my copy saved somewhere at home, in one of my 3 boxes stowed away, one of which being stuffed to the brim with picture books.

If you want you can also read the synopsis of this Norwegian fairytale. Or you can read the full version.


  1. These illustrations are beautiful!! I can definitely see why you would've loved this as a little girl.

  2. so remember this one... beautiful illustrations, we always appreciated the books that had art work that inspired. I never knew how much they would support your colorful and deep imagination... I expect a book with your work in it (like this) one day!