Geometric Yellow Shapes

Friday, April 15, 2011

Task 13:

Try something new! Play today with a new form of art or craft!

This is my new form of art! Tattoos!

Jon had a fun 50's themed Friday party at work today, so last night we gave him an awesome "greaser" tattoo. Using nothing but mad art skills, the help of google images, and thick & thin sharpies, I created this:

I believe my new career may be as a tattoo artist. The only issues with it being that I don't much like needles poking mine or anyone elses skin. Not to mention I hear you bleed a little with a tattoo... O and the fact that our church is against it. But you know, other than those, I'd be so for it! (Yes Mom, I'm being sarcastic)


  1. The big difference between sharpies and tattoos is the BLOOD!! still you are an A-mazing Ar-tist!! you keep drawing and someday you will find your voice but I don't think it is tattooing (sp?) just a hunch ---

  2. Now that's a TAT! Wowie!!! You're amazing Nasanna!! Maybe tonight Michael will let me draw all over his arms. Maybe like a treasure map or something (those just require lines that lead somewhere... totally within my skillset). You are pretty darn amazing girl!!

  3. Wow, that's pretty sick! I know what I'll be askin for next time I'm over!! And it won't be cookies... but if you have those too that would be great!