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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Artistic Block

We all know the term Writers Block, but I believe I am experiencing an Artistic Block...

Not in the general sense of writers block, meaning that you are at a loss of subject matter, or what to draw/write next, not like that. No, I have images created in my mind that I would like to draw but I am afraid. I have such vivid colorful creations thought up, and I fear that drawing them will destroy them. A little dramatic? Maybe.

What I would do if I wasn't afraid! I'm SO worried I'll ruin a good drawing that I refuse to color it. Or, I am afraid to see how lack luster it looks on paper that I wont draw. I have this fear that I can't reach my dreams of being an artist. Not that I need to be hired, published or anything. I just want to be an artist in my own eyes.

I look at blogs like this or this or at etsy & see these or these and I feel ashamed. That I could never create such beautiful things. And its all so stupid!

When I let myself just go off & create I am always extremely happy with the time I've spent. I am always pleased at this little triumph. But I never take my art seriously, because if I do that then I might be disappointed by what the end result is.


I took on this challenge to push myself to be more creative daily. And because of fear I haven't let it happen! But no more! I will be actively creative & reflect that here in my blog! Art should make you feel emotions, and inspire! And I want to inspire myself! So here I come world. One step closer to being an artist!


  1. Nasanna!!! I love this!! I think being realistic about what you're up against is what pushes you through it! In my eyes you are an artist and have been for a long time. I think that is because you have the ability to evoke emotion through your work. To me, that is what makes it real. What is an artist to you?? I would love to hear an artist's definition!!

  2. I couldn't say the one definition, but I know that I want to feel that I am comfortable with the skills/tools I have. Comfortable & confident. Thats what I want.

  3. Art comes from inside you - it is never wrong or right until we try to impress others, then I think it gets icky... other wise be free and let your passion to draw run amuck. Your art work really does show emotion and expression and that is 99% percent of what an true artist hopes they have, otherwise it is generic and canned, you have that unique gift to make a picture come alive!

  4. I love how Brit calls you Nasanna it is so wonderfully lexdyxic I mean dyslexic :)