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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome to April?

I woke up this morning, expecting to take my dogs outside to relieve themselves on the beautiful green grass... and somehow in the middle of the night, it snowed. Now weathermen had been forcasting this, but we were up to 65 degrees yesterday and 70 on Friday, so I thought they were full of it. Shows how much I know.

I grew up in Sunny California, in places where it never snows at all, let alone is it cold into March & April. I remember the first year I lived in Utah & it snowed on my birthday (March 14th) and I just about cried. I remember it was so warm we had a swim party for my 10th birthday one year. This was definitely NOT swim weather. So, this is my post to say that I am SO ready for Spring + no more snow. Although, it does kind of look pretty.

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  1. I second this... and third fourth fifth it!! Mr. Winter and Mother Nature need to do some better coordinating during the month of April. I do think this is the 6th time I have complained about April snow though... and my 6th April in Utah... So maybe I just need to take a chill pill... and initiate a boot boycott as of 4/1 or something...