Geometric Yellow Shapes

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I love doing laundry. Call me old fashioned, but I love it! There is something about it. I take the bin to the washer, put the dirty clothes in, put in soap & turn it on. How easy! Then, I go make the bed, this is key to the next few steps. Then I gather up the next load of dirty clothes to be washed. Take the bin back, unload the damp clothes & put them in the dryer, with a sheet, and turn it on. So simple. Put the next load in & the routine repeats itself.

Finally, once the first load is dry I take it to the bed & dump it on there. Then I sort out the socks, shirts, shorts, bras, etc. Once I have organized piles, I begin to fold. And everything has a specific fold, the shirts are folded just so that there are no wrinkles, the socks so that once you pull them neither one ends up inside out, the garments are nicely rolled into one folded ball so you're never searching for the top or bottom, etc. I just love how methodic it feels to mindlessly organize. Its also so refreshing to use my hands to touch the soft clothing and to feel like I'm active (not just typing away for work). And then I place the fresh clothes in the drawers & I'm onto the next load that has just come out smelling like soap and feels so warm in my arms. I just love it. It just calms me. Ahh... I love it!


  1. I love doing laundry too!! Ever since my mom came and stayed with us a couple of months ago something has just become so sweet about it. I had loads and loads piled up to be done but had to go to work. While I was gone she washed, dried, and folded all seven loads! It was such a kind act of service that I can't help but enjoy the time I spend folding now. I used to just wash, dry, and dump... then let them sit for days, moving the pile every time we needed the surface. Now I feel so clean and helpful for folding them while they're still warm. Simple pleasures. Thanks for the sweet post.

  2. You are adorable. And I wish I had your optimism. I'm about to go do the dishes. :)