Geometric Yellow Shapes

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Task 2:

What colors are meaningful to you and why?

This color, scientifically speaking, amazes me. How can this be a combination of all the colors? That just blows my mind. White is not a lack of color, it is when all colors come together to create this. White is also able to be split into every known color in the world! I know I'm not properly explaining it, but thats because I don't fully understand it.

Springtime is my favorite, and its because of the beautiful green you see everywhere. I love how it just makes me think of beautiful smells & fresh new growth. I can't help looking at a lush green hill side & imagining sitting on it, feeling the cool breeze, and just looking at the sky or reading a book. It makes me wish to never work again.

My favorite color. I think it is the most feminine color to wear and compliments almost everyones skin, hair, & eyes. Plus, purple springtime flowers (like the ones I have in the basket near our door) are just stunning.


  1. We are so alike! But is that really a surprise?

  2. Oh that stuff about white always boggles my mind too... love the pups, growing garden and pixs (and you)

  3. Maybe I didn't take the right (or any) art class back in the day but I have always thought that white was the absence of color, not all of them combined!! You learn something new every day!! White is my favorite color so I'm glad you highlighted this one. I would love to hear what you have to say about yellow because I feel like yellows add life to almost anything and I know that you love when things are vibrant and refreshing. What a beautiful, feminine woman you are - inside and out.