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Thursday, April 14, 2011


April might be my favorite month...

All growing up I lived in moderate southern California. So for me, winter was just lots of rain & fog & a bit of frost, and then it was spring for about a month. It would all of a sudden get so deliciously green. The hillsides looking like an Irish picture and flowers sprouting out of the ground everywhere! Like they were just waiting for the cold to end! It was such a beautiful wonderful time to be outside. You can't sit on the grass though because its damp under that beautiful ground cover, the birds are all out and singing. There are those perfect kinds of clouds that look like giant cotton balls and are perfect for lying on the trampoline with your little sister and finding the different shapes. And its so nice outside that you can wear shorts & a t-shirt while you're running around, but still cool enough that you need a sweater when stay in one place. I love how every day has that soft sweet smelling breeze while everything is blooming. I feel like you are shedding that gray winter skin and suddenly everything has a pink hue, like when the sun first comes up. Its that lighting that makes everything look soft and inviting.

Spring is definitely my favorite season.

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  1. I am so happy that you are writing this post because that means that spring is REAL! AND that it is close at hand!! I love to hear the birds chirping and to see the sun taunting us through the clouds. I think the earth was created during spring time while everything was blooming and beautiful... it just feels right.