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Friday, April 22, 2011

Task 9:

Make a list of creative people you are grateful for today.

Walt Disney
By now it should be no surprise that I admire this creative individual!

I love his art. I believe he has such a reverence for the human body. I also love how the bodies have substance, curves, and even rolls in the skin. I love that. Plus, look at the fingers on his statues!

Michelangelo said about sculpting:
"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."

Ernest Howard Shepard
Who doesn't love the creator of those iconic Winnie the Pooh and the Wind & the Willows illustrations. I just love how he gives animals such human emotions/expressions.

Lord Frederick Leighton
I love his romantic & beautiful way of depicting women. And I love the way he draws noses. Like real, imperfect noses because there is beauty in them.

Mary Blair
I love Mary Blair, she worked with Walt on so many concepts for the parks & movies. She has such a sweet child like flair to her images. I feel so happy just looking at these.

And there are a ton more I can't even begin to think of. I tried to narrow down this from creative people, to creative artists. Otherwise there would have been quite a few more of these talented people. Tell me some of your favorites!


  1. Ah!! Savvy - these are so beautiful and fun! You have a great eye!! Today I'm grateful for YOU! I love that all of these artists have such different styles but that it is so easy to love them all!! Mmmmm!

  2. Did you know that they are soon going to have a mary blair exhibit at Disneyland? We'll have to check it out when we go in June

  3. I didn't! We'll definitely have to see it! I love her work!